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Murdoch Florist specializes in the delivery of Flowers, Hampers, Get Well Hampers, Baby Gift Baskets and Balloons to the suburb of Murdoch.

Looking to send Flowers, Hampers, Get Well Hampers, Baby Gift Baskets and Balloons to Murdoch WA 6150? If you are let take care of your order for you.

We deliver to Murdoch and the surrounding suburbs a few times every day and are more than able to complete your Same Day Murdoch Flower Delivery for you.

We deliver to all Perth metropolitan areas though we specialise in delivery to the following areas including Murdoch, Winthrop, Bull Creek, Leeming, Bibra Lake, Willetton, Booragoon and Canning Vale..

Murdoch Florist delivers to all Perth Hospitals a few times every day due to the close proximity to our Perth Florist Shop, and also due to the numbers of orders we receive for each of them daily. Hospitals in the area that we deliver daily to include St John of God Hospital Murdoch, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Attadale Private Hospital, Kaleeya Hospital East Fremantle and Fremantle Hospital.

You can order quickly and securely online at 24 hours a day

About St John of God Hospital Murdoch - Murdoch Florist

 by murdochflorist on 02 Feb 2015 |
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St John of God Murdoch Hospital is part of St John of God Health Care Inc, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to furthering the values and healing mission of Jesus Christ.
Established in 1994 to provide comprehensive, quality health services for patients in Perth’s southern suburbs, St John of God Murdoch Hospital is now one of Australia’s leading private health campuses.

St John of God Murdoch Hospital have continued to grow and improve services to meet contemporary standards and today, the hospital has 507 beds including a 20 bed hospice, a 24-hour emergency department, 20 chair Cancer Centre, and a wide range of clinical and diagnostic services including medical, surgical, paediatric, maternity, and critical and coronary care.

Looking for Some Ideas for Sending Flowers, Gifts or Hampers to a Patient in St John of God Hospital Murdoch 
For someone in a hospital bed at St John of God Hospital Murdoch, a delivery of Flowers, Get Well Hamper or a Gift Hamper can brighten their day tremendously.
An arrangement of colourful flowers will not only brighten the patient’s day, but they will brighten their hospital room. However, before you send Flowers or Gift Hampers to St John of God Murdoch Hospital, it is a good idea to check to see if the recipient is still located at St John of God Hospital Murdoch and if they are allowed to have flowers delivered.

When is Appropriate to Send Flowers

If you have a friend or family member in the hospital, you may want to send a Flower or Gift Hamper to the Murdoch Hospital of St Johns Murdoch to help cheer them up, but you need to be cautious. There are some areas of the hospitals that will not accept deliveries and it is always wise to check with the hospital to see which department your friend or family member has been admitted. Just as many hospitals do, St. John of God Murdoch Hospital discourages deliveries to patients in the Intensive Care or the Coronary Care Units of the hospital.

These areas of the hospital care for critically ill patients and the rooms are generally small, filled with equipment and have no extra space for gifts or flower arrangements. Since many people are sensitive to smells or have allergies, flowers are not permitted to the units for the health and safety of the other patients on the floor. Even though your friend or family member isn’t allergic to flowers, someone else in the unit may be and the flowers could inhibit their ability to breath.

Even if your friend isn’t in a critical care unit, you might want to check to see if flowers are appropriate for them. They may have allergies that you’re unaware of, or if you want to send a Gift Basket of snacks, they may not be allowed to eat certain foods while they are in the hospital. It is always advisable to check with hospital personnel to see if it is okay to send your friend a flower or gift delivery.

Send their Favourite Flower

If you are unsure what to send, find out what type of Flowers your your friend’s likes. They may have a favourite flower that you can order from the St John of God Murdoch Florist to send to their room. If they don’t have a favourite flower, pick an arrangement or bouquet in their flower colour. Seeing something they like in their room will bring a smile to their face and let them know that you’re wishing them a speedy recovery from their ailment or injury.

Flowers such as Gerbera or Lilies come in very bold, bright colours that can cheer up any one’s day. You can also select from beautiful orchids, tulips or even carnations in various colours to send to your friend’s hospital room. Seasonal flowers are also a great choice for arrangements or bouquets, especially if the patient likes Australian Natives.

Send Flowers and Gifts for the Occasion

There is a local Murdoch Florist who offer Flowers, Baby Hampers, Baby Gifts, Get Well Hampers, Fruit Baskets and Gift Hampers made especially for the occasion you are looking to celebrate. We have many Baby Gifts and Flower arrangements suitable for a Newborn Birth with many options in pink with a toy or accessories if a friend or family member has had a baby girl or they may be blue to celebrate the arrival of a baby boy.

Many Baby Gift Baskets and Baby Gift Hampers come with baby items that the new parents will find useful for their newborn. You can find  Baby Hampers with baby care items like baby lotions, baby shampoos or baby moisturisers to care for their skin. They may also have baby booties, soft plush toys or one-piece outfits they can be dressed in for their hospital stay at St John of God Murdoch. These items are practical as well as fun for the new mum and dad to receive. Don’t forget to throw in a treat for the parents, such as Flowers, Balloons or Chocolates

Be Careful with Food Baskets

Even if you know the types of food and snacks that your friend likes, you should be careful about sending food baskets to the hospital. Unless you know they are not on a restricted diet, you should check with St John of God Murdoch Hospital or one of their relatives to find out if your friend can have their favourite foods sent to them. If they’ve been sick enough to warrant a stay in the hospital, they may not be up to eating the type of food or snacks that are available in most Gift Baskets.

Rather than send salty or sweet snacks to your friend, send a Fresh Fruit Basket they can enjoy in the St Johns Murdoch Hospital and take home with them. It is also a good idea for friends or family visiting the patient, especially if they are spending several hours a day at their bedside. Fresh Fruit will give them something healthy to eat that will help them keep their strength up while they are visiting the patient.

Check Patient Status Before Ordering

Before you call your favourite Murdoch Delivery Florist and have them deliver a Flower Arrangement or Gift Hamper to St John of God Murdoch Hospital, call to check on the patient. They may have already been discharged or will be discharged before they can receive their flower or gift basket delivery. If that is the case, have your delivery sent to their home rather than the hospital. They can enjoy the flowers or snacks while they are recuperating in the comfort of their own bed.

Lasting Treats for the Patient

When you do order an arrangement of Flowers or a Gift, add a Get Well Balloon to the delivery or order the Flowers in a vase that they can continue to use well after the cut flowers have died. If your friend or family member doesn’t care for cut flowers, have a Potted Plant delivered to St John of God Murdoch instead. 

We deliver to St John of God Murdoch Hospital and the surrounding suburbs of Murdoch a few times every day.

You can place you Murdoch Flower Delivery or Murdoch Gift Delivery online at or call us one 08 9227 0520 to speak with us directly



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